The following vacancies are now closed however they may become available again in the future.

If you would like to know about opportunities to be involved as they arise please join our Network

Medical Cannabis in Epilepsy REF CU000606

Do you have epilepsy, or care for someone with epilepsy? Are you interested in how medical cannabis can be used for managing epilepsy?

Applications close: as soon as possible, but no later than Friday 28th April.

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m-Health intervention for intensive care survivors REF EC00038

Have you, or someone you care for, been admitted to an intensive care unit and been ventilated (a specific type of assisted breathing)? Would you like to help inform the development of a new website measuring mental health and well-being for intensive care unit patients? 

Applications close: 31st March 2017

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FASD Research Australia CRE Community Reference Group REF TKIFASDCRE

Are you interested in the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy? Do you want to have a say in improving diagnosis and treatment for people and families living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder? Would you like to join a national group to have a say about a research program looking at these two areas?

Applications close: Monday 3rd April 2017

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Preventing recurrent heart attacks REF RP00052

Have you experienced a heart attack? Do you want to help researchers at Royal Perth Hospital improve patient care and outcomes for others affected by heart attack? If so, we need your help to provide advice and input into this vital research.

Applications close: as soon as possible, but no later than  24th of February, 2017

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URGENT - Document reviewers needed!

Do you have an interest in health research? Can you help turn complex information into something that can be easily understood by the public? Do you have an eye for detail? If so we need you!

Applications close: As soon as possible but no later than the 20th February 2017

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Amped Up Community Advisory Committee TK00069

Do you drink energy drinks? Or do you avoid them? The Amped Up Project at the Telethon Kids Institute want 8 -12 people, living in the Perth Metro area, aged 12 - 17 to join a Community Advisory Committee. You will be able to help the researchers understand energy drink consumption in young people. 

Applications close: 17th of February, 2017

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Infectious Diseases Community Reference Group REF TK00079

WA kids are the most poorly vaccinated kids in Australia - do you have any ideas of how we could boost immunisation rates? Researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute are looking for members of the community to join the Infectious Diseases Community Reference Group. You can have a say about this topic and other research in this area.

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How young people seek help for mental health problems? SP0001

Are you aged 14-18 and want to provide feedback on how you or your friends access mental health services? Researchers at The University of Western Australia School of Population Health are looking for up to 5 young people to provide advice on their project.

Applications close:16th September 2016

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Telethon Kids Cancer Centre REF TK0003

The Telethon Kids Cancer Centre is looking for 8-10 members of the WA community with a personal connection cancer to join the Consumer Reference Group. The Reference Group will have input into laboratory based cancer research.

Applications close: 30th June 2016

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Perceptions and awareness of mammographic density

Researchers at The University of Western Australia are looking for women between the ages of 40-75 to provide input into a research project. The project is about the white appearance of non-fatty breast tissue in a mammogram. This breast tissue is called mammographic density and is associated with breast cancer.

Applications close: 20th April 2016 

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Vaccines Parents Advisory Panel REF TK0006

The Telethon Kids Institute are establishing an online Vaccines Parents Advisory Panel to provide feedback on a project about vaccination. The project will develop and evaluate a reminder system for childhood vaccines. We hope that involving parents in the design stage of the project will make the project better for those who take part in it.

Applications close: 30th August 2016

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Sun health and weight old

The Sun Health and Obesity project at the Telethon Kids Institute are looking for two research buddies to provide advice on their project looking at the effect of sunlight at reducing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

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Creating healthy eating environments for toddlers by adopting habits project

The Creating Healthy Eating Environments for Toddlers by Adopting Habits project (also known as the CHEETAH project) are looking for 3 consumer or community members to join their advisory committee.

We want to improve toddlers eating habits through designing a parent-focused innovative online tool.

Successful consumers and community members will be providing advice on grant applications and lay summaries of the research. 

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Telethon Kids Institute Animal Ethics Committee

We are looking for a category D member to join the Telethon Kids Institute Animal Ethics Committee. The role of the Animal Ethics Committee is to ensure that the use of animals is justified, provides for the welfare of those animals and incorporates the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.
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Research Buddy: Pre-travel health advice project

This project is being undertaken by the Western Australian Department of Health and aims to find out:

  • how often Western Australian travellers returning from Bali contract communicable disease symptoms
  • if an online pre-travel health advice service could reduce the number of travellers getting these diseases
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Developmental Pathways Project Community Reference Group TK00086

The Developmental Pathways Project is a landmark project taking a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to investigate the pathways to health and wellbeing, education, disability, child abuse and neglect, and juvenile delinquency outcomes among Western Australian children and youth.

The purpose of the Developmental Pathways Project Consumer & Community Reference Group is to provide a community perspective on the research activities associated with the Developmental Pathways Project at the Telethon Kids Institute.

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Infectious Disease Community Reference Group

The Infectious Diseases Community Reference Group for the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases is looking for new members.

Most of the Centre’s infectious diseases work focuses on ear health and lung infections in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children; skin infections and rheumatic heart disease in Aboriginal children; approaches to improve parents’ knowledge of childhood vaccinations; better ways to monitor and improve the safety and efficacy of childhood vaccines; and studies on the safety and efficacy to vaccinate or give probiotics in pregnancy to prevent serious maternal and early childhood infections.

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Australian Respiratory Early Surveillance Team for Cystic Fibrosis (ARREST CF)

More commonly known as AREST CF. The AREST CF team is a collaboration of specialist paediatric cystic fibrosis centres in Perth and Melbourne. Our team consists of over 60 doctors, researchers, scientists, research management and students dedicated to the improvement of respiratory health and outcomes in children with cystic fibrosis.

Expressions of interest are being invited from consumers or carers for both our Child and Adolescent Cystic Fibrosis Consumer Reference Group of WA and our Scientific Management Committee.

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Cancer Council WA Cancer Epidemiology Network Proposal REF CU00068

The Network will:

  • Bring together the best cancer epidemiologists in WA,
  • Encourage collaborations between epidemiologists, consumers, researchers in disciplines other than epidemiology, clinicians, policy makers and data custodians
  • Leverage funding and resources from a diverse array of sources
  • Inspire the next generation of cancer epidemiologists.
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Comment on documents for a research project looking at head and neck cancers

We are seeking a community member to assist cancer doctors and researchers in head and neck cancer care, by helping with a research grant proposal and reviewing patient information forms. The research will examine the use of “liquid biopsies” in head and neck cancer patients, which are blood tests that can detect cancer cells in the bloodstream. Using these blood tests we will track cancer responses, predict cancer cures and cancer recurrence as levels of tumour cells in the blood change with time. Mutations in the cancer cells will also be examined.

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