Grant application reviewers

Involving consumer and/or community organisations to review pamphlets, brochures, information sheets, consent forms or writing lay summaries of research projects can assist in producing documents that can be easily understood by health consumers or community members. It can be very helpful in 'detecting' jargon and acronyms.

Consumers and/or community members are increasingly involved in providing a consumer or community perspective on grant applications. Organisations such as state based Cancer Councils and Cancer Australia require researchers to state how they will involve consumers in their research in grant applications. They have developed guidelines for consumer review of their grant applications and consumers are involved in all aspects of their research grant allocation process.


Putting it into practice:


Associate Professor Marina Ciccarelli from Curtin University contacted the Consumer and Community Health Research Network as she wanted to involve community members in her research grant application. Marina met with Consumer Advocate, Ben Horgan to discuss her project and how she wanted to work together with people with lived experience to provide input into her research. 

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Consumer involvement in cancer grant application reviews

A laboratory researcher at the Institute was undertaking cancer research. He and his colleagues worked with research buddies to review their grant applications. The researchers were applying for funding from different cancer research organisations that use consumer panels to review grant applications. The research buddies were able to comment on the plain language summaries in the grant applications as well as provide general feedback on the planned consumer and community involvement activities.