Telethon Kids Institute Youth Forum


The Telethon Kids Institute wanted to hear from young people between the ages of 15-25 to discuss health and well-being and ways for the youth voice to be heard in the work of the Institute.  

How was the community conversation set up?

It was held at Telethon Kids Institute in the evening and payment and pizza were offered. It was promoted through youth networks and on social media. Attendees were invited to discuss questions in small groups. 


Who took part?






What young people said about the the Community Conversation

what you liked
  • I feel like I am making a difference
  • Variety of participants – age, background etc.
  • There was a large variety of people. Very interesting to see other people’s opinions
  • Hearing the perspectives of a diverse group of people
  • The level of participation invited. It made it easier to contribute
  • Meeting great people. The quality of discussion. We were really given the sense that our ideas had value
  • Having the ability to openly voice my opinion, and feel that these opinions were useful
  • Everyone was involved – got their say. Very friendly and welcoming when we arrived
  • Having the opportunity to put forward my ideas and opinions and also having the chance to write things down if there was not enough time.
  • Being at Telethon and being able to share our ideas
  • Getting out thoughts/voices and youth issues heard. I LOVED THE FORUM! So thank you for having us!
  • When we got to have a say x4
  • The fact that we got to share ideas with the forum was great
  • Small groups that allowed you to share your ideas freely
  • Having a chance to give feedback and give my opinion and insight
  • The fact that all our suggestions were taken into consideration
  • Hearing other peoples point of view
  • Getting my opinion across
  • The participation of everyone, the incentives were very generous!
  • Being able to contribute to something worthy. Interactive nature. Environment was clean, facilities were good and professional.
  • How interactive it was and the level of engagement with the questions put forward
  • Meeting new people and being encouraged to express my opinion
  • Sharing of ideas and being able to bounce off each other
  • Everyone’s involvement
  • Openness, broadening my horizon on other’s issues. Also see how uniform they are among young people
  • It was fun to speak freely with other people and was very informative
  • Having everyone giving different ideas
  • Meeting like-minded and driven youth who brought their own interests to bring to the table
  • Diverse ideas
  • Food, drink and payment
  • It was very relaxed and I felt comfortable engaging in the discussions, facilitators were lively and friendly – easy to talk to
  • The interactive process – the facilitators and organisers did a great job of creating an interactive and relaxed environment, where everyone could participate
  • Facilitators were very encouraging. Everyone got their say
  • The atmosphere and environment. Facilitators listened and were open to everyone’s ideas and opinions
  • All of it was great
  • Networking
  • Open interactive group
  • Level of engagement with everybody

what you didnt like

  • There was nothing x6
  • Not enough time x 5
  • Not enough time for Q’s x3
  • Wish we had more time to network and meet each other
  • The day. It would have been more convenient on a Friday or weekend to make it easier to be able to keep up study.
  • Didn’t get to communicate with everyone
  • Long speeches in beginning. Maybe shorten them a bit, as the information sheets gave all information mostly. Age range too big
  • N/A Age group?
  • The awkward initial environment
  • There was no sort of icebreaker to get to know the people in my group and I think this limited conversation
  • The questions overlapped a little bit
  • Was quite loud; some points could not hear. Questions overlapped some
  • Intimidation, a little noisy
  • Environment was quite confronting and unfamiliar – quite serious and formal
  • Some people didn’t take it seriously
  • Gender more females than males
  • Accessibility
  • The pizza went cold by the end. Ha ha ha. That was a joke.


How can we improve?

  • Was a pretty good length. Possibly ½ hour longer but no more than that
  • More questions x2
  • More questions in deeper thoughts
  • Direct questions move → more detailed
  • More variety of questions
  • More time on Q1. More information about the institute. Examples of research
  • Better instructions on parking. Provide a google map link J Was a bit stressful getting to venue
  • More promotions of the event into the broader community
  • More of a social environment in the beginning, less professional
  • Have a limited/targeted age group such 18-25, 12-18, and so organised into groups such as colours to be even
  • Keep it interactive!
  • Instead of moving around we should stay with the same facilitators as this would make conversation flow more.
  • Less pre-info (I got the same info 3x this week)
  • More information/presentations about current research and work being done in the Institute
  • More promotion on social media – Facebook
  • If certain people don’t feel comfortable/have something to add, don’t put them on the spot
  • Time flies when you’re having fun :)


Down load a copy of the summary of the community conversation here

Download a PDF of the full evaluation report here