There are many opportunities for you to be actively involved in influencing research.

Below is a list of committees and research projects that are currently looking for consumers and community members to have a say.

Unless otherwise stated these vacancies are available to those living in the Perth region only.

For your application to be eligible you will need to register on our Involvement Network.

Measuring quality of life according to adults with autism Ref CU903

Are you an adult who has autism? Would you like to make a difference to all people with autism?

Curtin University researchers are seeking the help of 5 adults to form a reference group to inform the development of a quality of life survey for all adults with autism.

Applications close: Friday 12th October 2018

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Curtin Graduate Certificate in Diabetes course review

Do you have, or care for someone with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes? Would you like the opportunity to provide your insight and experience as a health consumer into one of Perth’s most recognised Nursing Schools?

Curtin University’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine are looking for the assistance of up to 10 health consumers to take part in a panel discussion of their diabetes course.

Applications extended till: Wednesday 26th September 2018

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Understanding gout and heart disease ref UW869

Have you been diagnosed with gout? Are you interested in the link between gout and an increased risk of heart disease? 

Researchers at Fiona Stanley Hospital are looking for three research buddies to assist them with a project that will use new technology to get a better understanding of gout and inflammation and how this relates to heart disease.

Closing date: Friday 28th September 2018

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Cystic fibrosis (BEAT-CF project) national reference groups REF TK785

Do you have cystic fibrosis or care for someone who does? Would you like to have a say about a new way of trialling treatments for people living with cystic fibrosis?

Researchers at Telethon Kids Institute are looking for 24 people - 8 adults, 8 young people and 8 parents, partners and carers, to join one of three national community reference groups for this exciting new project.

Applications close: Friday 12th October, 2018

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Children’s Physical Activity Centre (pre-adolescent girls program) Ref EC865

Do you believe exercise is the key to a healthy future, both mentally and physically? Would you like to have a say about how we can increase the opportunity for young girls to enjoy physical activity in a non-competitive, inclusive and fun environment?

Edith Cowan University researchers are looking for two girls aged 8 – 12 years and their parents for the role of research buddies to inform the creation and evaluation of a Children’s Activity Centre in Joondalup.

Applications extended till: Friday 28th September 2018

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Putting patients first in cancer care Ref UW

Have you or someone you care for had a diagnosis of cancer? Are you interested in what matters most to people living with cancer?

Researchers are looking for 8-10 people with a lived experience of lung, colorectal, ovarian, breast or prostate cancer to form a community reference group.

Applications extended till Friday 21st September, 2018

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