Cancer Council WA Cancer Epidemiology Network Proposal REF CU00068

The Network will:

  • Bring together the best cancer epidemiologists in WA,
  • Encourage collaborations between epidemiologists, consumers, researchers in disciplines other than epidemiology, clinicians, policy makers and data custodians
  • Leverage funding and resources from a diverse array of sources
  • Inspire the next generation of cancer epidemiologists.

About the role of consumers

Consumers will be part of a wider group (known as “Collaborating Investigators” on the application).  You will be invited to attend research meetings (1-2 per year for 3 years) at which researchers, policy makers and consumers share their expertise and develop collaborative projects aimed at understanding the causes of cancer and preventing cancer from occurring.  You may also consider volunteering to provide consumer input into some of the specific projects that are developed.  

We are looking for people who are interested in the topic of prevention of cancer (this Network will not be studying the treatment of people who already have cancer).  As the Network will cover a wide range of topics (e.g. diet, environment, groups such as migrants, kids, women and men). We intend to include several consumers as we expect there will be a range of suggestions for making research more relevant. 

Consumers will also be invited to attend networking events for early career researchers to ensure that early career researchers understand the importance of the consumer voice.

Researcher Lin Fritschi Curtin University, School of Public Health is the lead for this project.

How long will the committee be established for?

3 years in the first instance

Where will meetings be held?

Varying locations, near Curtin, UWA and Cancer Council Western Australia.

What out of pocket expenses or honorarium are available for consumers and community members?

$30 per hour and transport costs for meetings

To apply for this position please use the form on the right side of the screen.