Striding towards health and well-being: The effects of a peer-led workplace walking intervention

Researchers at Curtin University are investigating how a work-based walking program might help improve health and well-being. The projet is looking for 3 consumers to have input into a grant application.

About the project

Modern lifestyles mean that less people are physically active which is damaging to health and well-being. The 6 month program will be led by motivationally trained employees. This projects wants to investigate if a work-based walking program will help employees increase physical activity and improve health and well-being. The project will also record long term work outcomes for employees who take part. It is hoped that the findings of this project will identify ways in which employers can help improve the health of their staff.

The project is currently applying for funds and is looking for consumers to have input prior to submission in March. If the project is funded applicant are asked to be involved for 1 year.

About the position

The project is looking for 2-3 consumer representatives to be part of the project team. Consumer representatives will provide:

  • Input into information sheets and consent forms
  • Feedback on plain language summaries
  • Advice about how to get people to take part in the project
  • A consumer perspective on working in jobs that are inactive
  • Ideas on how to get the results out to the public

The project is looking for middle-aged adults who:

  • Have worked or are working injobs where they spend most of their time sitting down
  • Are physically inactive at present but who are interested in becoming more physically active
  • Are able to attend 5 meetings during 2017 if the project is funded

Where will meetings be held?

Curtin University or elsewhere in Perth if more suitable for consumers

What support is offered?

  • $60 per person for each 2-hour meeting
  • Training is offered from the Consumer and Community Involvement Program

Closing date for applications: 24th February 2016