Can safe sun exposure improve your health? REF TK00083

Researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute are looking for two research buddies to provide advice on their project looking at the effects of sunlight on body weight and the risk of developing heart disease.

About the Project

Getting the right balance of sun exposure for optimal health is difficult. Too much and we risk sunburn and skin cancer. With too little, we risk ending up with vitamin D deficiency and bone disease. This research aims to improve our understanding of how much sun exposure is required for optimal health. We have found that ongoing exposure to ultraviolet radiation of an amount that does not burn skin reduced body weight and improved the heart health of obese mice. We now want to find out whether safe (non-burning) sun exposure has similar effects in people. We would like to establish a small group of consumers to help evaluate and determine the next steps forward for this research.

About the role of consumers

The project is looking for two research buddies to provide input into a grant application currently being developed. Research buddies will be asked to meet with researchers to provide:

  • A consumer and community perspective on the research
  • Input into the direction of the research
  • Feedback on information sheets
  • Advice on disseminating results to the community

What skills or experience do consumers need?

Consumers and community members with any of the following skills or experience are invited to apply:

  1. People who are good communicators
  2. Anyone with lived experience of heart disease, type-2 diabetes or interested in the effect of weight on health.
  3. People with links to the wider community
  4. Previous experience of consumer and community involvement in research is desirable but not essential

What is the time commitment for consumers?

  • We would like you to attend a 1 hour meeting with the Researcher on Thursday, April 28th at the Telethon Kids Institute
  • Some time to provide feedback via e-mail
  • Ongoing involvement is an option for those who are interested

How long will the committee be established?

12 months - 3 years depending on funding

Where will meetings be held?

Telethon Kids Institute

What support is offered? 

$25 per meeting to cover out of pocket expenses, free training is offered by the Consumer and Community Involvement Program.