Breast Cancer Research Program REF UW0002

The Breast Cancer Research Program at The University of Western Australia are looking for two consumers to have input into clinical breast cancer research.

Applications close 29th September 2016


About the Program

The Breast Cancer Research Program members are breast oncologists, surgeons and pathologists. We are currently looking for consumer input into two research projects.

Breast cancer relapse
Approximately 1 in 10 breast cancer survivors will suffer a relapse of their cancer which is typically very difficult to treat. We do not know who will experience breast cancer relapse, when it will happen or why it happens. This project will test tissue and blood samples from breast cancer consumers to find out if small fragments of cancer have been released into the blood. If small fragments are found they could be used as an early warning system to detect breast cancer progression or relapse allowing for earlier treatment.
Breast cancer sub-types

Breast cancer is a complex disease that is made up of many sub-types. Doctors use the presence (or absence) of molecules in the cancer to select the best treatment. This has increased patient survival. However, these molecules can only separate breast cancers into broad groups. This means that many women are not receiving the best possible treatment. This study aims to find out if a newly developed digital technique can separate breast cancers into more specific sub-types. Hopefully this will enable doctors to select the most effective treatment.

About the position

We are looking for two research buddies who have been effected by breast cancer, either directly or via someone you care about.

We are asking research buddies to:

  • Meet with us and talk about our work. We want to make sure that we are doing work that is important to the community and will make a difference.
  • Provide feedback on grant applications to make sure they can be understood by a community person.
  • Provide advice on how to get the results of our research out to the general community

What is the time commitment?

Meeting with researchers either face to face or over the phone 2-3 times per year.  Consumers are asked to be involved for a minimum of one year if they are able. Meeting will take place either at QEII medical center/Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital or Fiona Stanley Hospital.

What support is offered?

Out of pocket expenses are offered and training is offered by the Consumer and Community Involvement Program