Human Research Ethics Committee Edith Cowan University REF EC0001

The Human Research Ethics Committee at Edith Cowan University is seeking two lay people who have no affiliation with the University, and do not engage in medical, scientific, legal or academic work. 

About the position

Committee members will need:

  • Good communication, which includes a capacity to listen to, and appreciate, the views of others and to formulate and express a considered opinion.
  • A willingness to discuss differences and conflicting points of view can be explored and resolved.
  • An interest in ethics and a capacity to understand the issues, although lack of formal training in ethics should not be a reason for exclusion from a committee.
  • Sufficient time to attend meetings and to read research proposals and other relevant documents.

What is the time commitment?

The committee meets on the first Friday of every month for approximately 2 hours commencing at 1.00 pm. 

Where will meetings be held?

Meetings are held at the Mt Lawley campus of the University. Members would be required to review applications between meetings.

What support is offered?

A comprehensive induction is provided for new members. Car parking and refreshments are provided.

Starting date: As soon as possible

To apply please complete the form to the right of the screen