Can we prevent allergies and asthma from developing? REF TK0002

Researchers at the Telethon Kids Institute are interested in finding out how they can prevent allergies and asthma from developing in childhood and beyond and how factors like infection, the environment or the sex of a person, all have an impact.

Applications due 30th September

About the project

The projects that the team are researching are in the areas of asthma and allergy with a particular focus on the maternal and foetal health immune responses. Some of the areas of interest that are being researched are:

  • Developing safe treatments to protect the baby during pregnancy when the mother gets an infection.
  • Do dust and microbes in the air encourage the development of the babies immune system during pregnancy?
  • Does the sex of a child impact the development of allergies and asthma?
  • Why do some children develop allergies?
  • Allergic asthma affects many young children, some children don’t respond well to the current treatments, we want to understand why?

About the role of consumers

Consumers and community members with an interest in asthma, allergy, immune system development, maternal and foetal health research are encouraged to apply. Research buddies will be asked meet with researchers to provide:

  • Assistance with the writing of plain language summaries
  • Advice and feedback during analysis of the data
  • Translation of the research
  • Ideas for disseminating the results of research to the community

What is the time commitment for consumers?

You will be asked to meet three to four times per year for approximately 1 hour (suitable days and times for meeting are made to accommodate consumers) and some email correspondence. Minimum 2 year term.

Where will meetings be held?

Meetings will be held at the Telethon Kids Institute.

What support is offered? 

Out of pocket expenses of $30/hour for face-to-face meetings is offered.

Training is offered by the Consumer and Community Health Research Network.

Applications due:  30th September