Brain and Behaviour Research Focus Area Steering Committee REF TK00071

Are you interested in a child's brain development and the impact of disability? Would you like to help researchers discover how to provide every child with the best opportunity for optimal health and development? Applications are now open to join the Brain and Behaviour Steering Committee at Telethon Kids Institute. 

About Research Focus Areas

Research Focus Areas are collaborative networks that bring together Telethon Kids Institute researchers with external researchers, health services and consumers to ensure our research is translated into real outcomes for children. There are four Research Focus Areas at Telethon Kids Institute:

  • The Early Environment
  • Chronic Diseases of Childhood
  • Brain and Behaviour
  • Aboriginal Health

We are also looking for people to join the Steering Committees for Early Environment and Chronic Diseases of Childhood.

About the Brain and Behaviour Research Focus Area

This Research Focus Area involves researching the impact that disorders such as cerebral palsy, autism and intellectual disabilities have on a child’s learning development and mental health. The project also investigates what developmental, genetic, family and environmental causes determines a child’s well-being, and how clinical, educational and community practices can help provide every child with the best health and development.

About the Position

  • To provide a consumer and community perspective to the Brain and Behaviour Research Focus Area Steering Committee
  • To work together to make decisions about research priorities, practice and policies
  • As a Steering Committee member you will also be required to become a member of the Telethon Kids Institute Community Advisory Group 

Read more about the Community Advisory Group

What am I expected to do?

  • Attend Research Focus Area Steering Committee meetings
  • Participate in activities of the committee
  • Provide a consumer and community perspective and advice on all of the Steering Committees activities
  • Provide advice and expertise relating to consumer and community priorities and perspectives on research
  • Provide access to relevant community networks
  • Provide input into reporting of consumer and community involvement activities
  • Attend the Community Advisory Group Meetings and provide updates

What skills or experience do I need?

  • Links to the community
  • Ability to contribute at a strategic level on a committee
  • Have an interest in, or experience of child health and wellbeing
  • Respect and adhere to confidentiality requirements
  • Respect the views of all other members
  • It is desirable that applicants can demonstrate:
    • Understanding of consumer and community involvement in research
    • Committee experience

What is the time commitment?

Two years, it is anticipated that you will meet a minimum of six times per year for the Steering Committee and four times a year for the Community Advisory Group. Each meeting will be approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.

Where will meetings be held?

Telethon Kids Institute. Roberts Road, Subiaco WA.

What support is offered?

Honorariums for each meeting attended. Free training and mentoring is offered by the Consumer and Community Health Research Network. 

Applications close 31st January 2017