SIMPLE AS Improving the current management of Severe Aortic Stenosis REF SP000107

Aortic stenosis is the narrowing of the aortic heart valve and is the third most common heart condition behind heart attack and stroke.  Researchers at the University of Western Australia are looking for two consumer representatives to work together with them on this project. 

Applications close 22nd of February, 2017

About the project

Aortic stenosis is the narrowing of the heart valves. It is the third most common heart condition. Over time, narrowing of the heart valves leads to increasing pressure on the heart. This can result in chest pain and fainting. However sometimes there are no symptoms. The researchers of this study will develop a way to assess the risk of heart disease in people with no symptoms but who have a narrowing of the aortic heart valve. This information will help cardiologists and surgeons identify who will benefit from earlier surgery instead of waiting until symptoms appear. The results will be used to inform clinical guidelines in Australia and internationally, and will also inform patients.

About the position

We are looking for two consumer representatives who have been affected by aortic stenosis, either directly or via someone you care about.

What am I expected to do? 

  • Provide a consumer perspective of living with, or caring for someone with aortic stenosis
  • Provide feedback on grant applications
  • Be involved in the design of the research
  • Work together to provide advice on the translation of the research

When are meetings held?

Initially consumers are asked to meet with researcher to provide input into the grant application before the 13th of March; this will only take a couple of hours. 

How long am I expected to be involved?

If this project receives funding – ongoing involvement will be for 3 years.

Where will meetings be held? 

Meetings will be held at the School of Population and Global Health, The University of Western Australia.

What support is offered?

An honorarium of $30 per hour is offered to cover out of pocket expenses. Training is available from the Consumer and Community Health Research Network.

Applications as soon as possible. Close  –  22nd of February, 2017.