The Raine Study Community Advisory Group REF SP00599(2)

The Raine Study would like to involve the participants or parents of a Raine Study participant to provide a voice for the Raine Study community. Applications are now open to join the Raine Study Community Advisory Group – we would love to hear from you…..

Applications are now closed

About The Raine Study Community Advisory Group 

The purpose of the Advisory Group is to provide input and a community perspective into the Raine Study. The group will provide an important link between the researchers and Raine Study community.

Please note we are also looking for two members of the Advisory Group to have membership on the Raine Study Unincorporated Joint Venture Board.

You can find out more about the Raine Study Unincorporated Joint Venture Board here – applications to the board are now open.

What am I expected to do?

Advisory Group Members will:

  • Identify areas of research important to The Raine Study community
  • Review any information sheets/brochures/questionnaires/consent forms to be given to participants of the study to ensure they are understandable
  • Contribute towards identifying the best methods of communicating findings to Raine Study participants as well as to the general public
  • Provide feedback on the relevance, understanding and value of the research
  • Provide a “lived experience” perspective on the research
  • Provide input on activities particular to the Raine Study

What skills or experience do I need?

  • Must be a Raine Study participant or parent of a participant
  • Have an interest in research
  • Good communication skills

What is the time commitment?

Two years; it is anticipated that you will meet four times per year.

Where will meetings be held?

Meetings will be held at Raine House at UWA 14-16 Park Way, Crawley, WA 6009

What support is offered?

An honorarium for meetings attended is offered. Training and mentoring is also offered by the Consumer and Community Health Research Network.

Applications are now closed